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"Since working with you, I can honestly say that your passion and knowledge of behaviour and the brain is an incredible asset. 
Rachel you gave my brain a refreshing shake up and it was exactly what I needed, without knowing it.
Being able to better understand behaviour and the thinking of each player has strengthened relationships, which I was not expecting in such a short time. 
I can see why you came highly recommended by a colleague."
Head Coach of  NFL* wanted to remain anonymous



sample tools to create cohesive + agile teams.

Performing at elite levels is stressful and research tells us that there are human behaviours + brain patterns that provide key insights to achieve success amongst stress. We are each conditioned by the boundaries of our thinking which innately drive our mindset + impacts our ability to build resilience + have self confidence.
This is the power of having a coach trained in NLP + Meta Dynamics™

Growth is equal parts awareness, reflection & implementing effective strategies.
As humans, we rarely have the insights to shape mindset on our own.  Just like building your muscle strength, it requires a skilled professional to accelerate the transformation.

We each have existing patterns that are unique to each individual which sit in our subconscious and express as reactions (including self talk + perspective) that create difficulties when working collaboratively in groups to achieve success. 

In fact, when we pursue achievement, regardless of talent + skillset. Most people interpret road blocks or challenges as signals pull up, stop or worse, give up, due to our poor understanding of the brain + no awareness of existing limited beliefs (unconscious).

Working in collaboration at the elite level is careful management of people, environment, purpose & individual moving parts.  This is why my unique approach
incorporates dual programming, to addresses individual's growth and the team's performance to deliver extraordinary results + reduce outside interference.


Lack of confidence is directly related to low performance + must be addressed, at the individual level as well as the group level, which is why I facilitate with parallel programming.

The results speak for themselves on and off the field."

Rachel Mac

By gaining insight into the intricacies of how your mind and body communicate, you can decode your behavior and thought processes, empowering you to effectively train your brain and achieve greater results."

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