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"I empower people to evaluate their thinking when facing challenges, understand their emotions, reframe failure + design a mindset that unlocks their potential."
Rachel MAC
Mental Agility Coach


My top 5 character traits according to the VIA Character survey are:

love, humour, humility, gratitude and hope.

My 5 core drivers arecontribution; growth; curiosity; creativity; empathy.

2 quotes that impacted my life are:

"what's in the way, is the way" and

"life happens for you, not to you"


Facts About Me:

  • I have acquired a crazy amount of knowledge on brain function + mental agility;

  • I have not had an alcoholic drink in 7 years;

  • I love rugby league, softball, animals + the beach;

  • When I hear a good song, I will break into a dance no matter where I am;

  • I have a very high EQ (emotional intelligence);

My eDISC profile states that my profile II or unconscious energy profile is equal parts S-I with a strong influence of C with elements of my life.

This means that I work equally well alone, as I do in a team. I do well at managing and collaborating with people; I am sensitive, nurturing and calming, as well as energetic and inspiring; I have the ability to hyper focus to get results; I value family, connections and creating a sense of belonging; I am loyal, quirky and driven by helping people get results;

My profile I or conscious energy profile, is high I meaning my enthusiasm and energy is felt by those around me in my work space. I lift people, change environments and lead others by cheering and inspiring them. I am an adaptive innovative thinker, talkative and can get anyone excited about learning. I am open, friendly and animated. I thrive on lifting others up; I can inspire and motivate people for long lengths of time, using little energy;

Throughout my 25 year career, I have studied behaviour through the lens of education, leadership and neuroscience.

Bachelor of Education in 2000 at Australia's 3rd ranking university.

20+ years teaching experience in assessment, planning and modifying learning.

Invested thousands into my own personal growth and development. 

Avid reader of research papers, and continue to be trained in science and research based methodologies.

Currently completing level III certification at the national and international level.


I am a trained facilitator in 32 researched-based frameworks, learning strategies & modalities and behaviour models .

Practitioner in: Meta Dynamics™, Emotional Intimacy Coach, N.L.P., Extended DISC,

Neurodiverse expert and highly competent in assessments, audits and report writing.

Tertiary trained to facilitate the #1 leadership program in Australia - Disruptive Leadership and the Alignment Model that enables organisations to build / rebuild an unshakable Culture from the ground up.  

I am highly experienced in designing tailored programs for individuals, groups and organisations, that are inclusive for those with learning disabilities and learning difficulties, of all types.

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"having a person who is focussed on your goals and success, is a valuable investment. You go from driving with the hand break on... to releasing the break and enjoying the journey with confidence."

Rachel Mac

had the pleasure of working with...
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"life happens for you, not to you."

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My Brain Injury Recovery + Lessons in Resilience


#1 My brain injury showed me the enormous capacity of my brain that I didn't know existed.


#2 The realisation that no one was coming to help me... I only had me. 

#3 Slowing down to listen to my body was the most life changing gift that allowed me to accelerate my recovery journey.

#4 I had to unlearn what I knew in order to progress.

#5 I learnt to flip the script to maintain momentum and strengthen neural pathways.

#6 Mistakes had to be reframed to "opportunities" to make progress.

# 7 Re-building confidence through "exposure therapy" taught me how to harness my fears into powerful growth techniques.

# 8 The mind uses a filter system to construct our view of the world and I had to reprogram it so that it functionally served me to recover.

# 9 I had to turn up for myself + be my own cheer squad.

# 10 I leant that I am capable of much more than I could ever imagine.
(this goes for everyone)


With over 20 years experience as a teacher and facilitator, I am very passionate about learning and growth. Highly skilled in delivering content that caters for a range of neurodiversity and use a combination of interactive strategies that will accelerate understanding, increase memory retention and drive engagement.

The last 7 years, I have been immersed in research, study and training, of the brain and neural plasticity due to suffering a brain injury in 2016. My recovery journey was incredibly difficult + felt insurmountable more times than I can count. Despite losing my memory, my identity and what felt like my life, I experienced incredible insights into brain function, brain re-wiring, decoding behaviour, identifying patterns and an extraordinarily deep understanding of neurological and mindset transformation.


Proud to say that I am tertiary trained in over 32 frameworks and models across multiple disciplines of education and psychology - behavioural, educational, neurodiversity, cognition and learning.


Highly skilled in assessments and data collation, behavioural analysis, profiling, as well as trained in N.L.P., Meta Dynamics™, laser coaching, extended DISC™ and neuroplasticity (brain rewiring and transformation). 


My recovery journey involved unparalleled experiences in learning to rewire my brain and over coming harrowing adversity that only a few personally encounter.


I view my brain injury and recover, as one of the greatest gifts in my life. 

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