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"psychological safety in high performance teams will accelerate connection, trust and cohesion."

Rachel Mac

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So what makes a good coach.... great ?

From the research, interviews, observations, data, podcasts and hundreds of books I have read, I believe it is a few things... including
who they have around them, their ability to see the unseen in people and their ability to create a culture where the mental climate leverages the diversity and strengths of a team.

This is possible when the coach has access to the right psychological tools, behaviour profiling data and neurodiverse practices that amplify their coaching and leadership, accelerate team cohesion and connections, resulting in a legacy impact on those who lives they touch.

Our unconscious thinking drives our behaviours. So it makes sense that when there is inconsistency or the team are under performing, it is challenging to pin point why, let alone resolve efficiently.

As your brain coach, I will equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to identify the 'why' behind behaviours and thinking, with incredible accuracy to transform team performance and achieve collaborative success."

Rachel Mac

  • Poor performance reflects the need to increase skill training sessions for the individual or team;

  • Athletes are aware of how their mindset impacts performance and how to manage it;

  • Developing a resilient mindset comes naturally as we grow and people can be born with it;

  • Mindset education is about learning how to be mentally tough and not look at existing thinking patterns + behaviours;


  • Performance is 20% physical skill + 80% mindset, which means performance reflects our thinking;​

  • We operate 98% of our day in our unconscious mind which is using our 'default' or autopilot mode;

  • Change requires conscious awareness + repetitive action of new strategies to override the existing mental program;

  • To understand an individuals thinking and behaviour, there are phenomenally accurate tools and strategies available to shape performance;

The belief system and mindset conditioning of each individual, is the source of all performance issues.  


The mis-alignment of mental belief and physical ability is one of the most challenging components in elite team sport. Why? It requires a trained specialist who is skilled in building a deep state of rapport in order to decode the hard wiring of an individual's brain, including conscious and unconscious thinking.

A trained specialist like a  brain coach.

Our mental belief is our 'hard wiring' or 'unconscious thinking' that drives behaviour. Humans are not equipped to analyse our unconscious thinking and this is why change management is so difficult. Having navigated a traumatic brain injury since 2016,  my personal experiences and insights into neuroscience, means I am uniquely equipped with exceptional brain training skills.


Using my expertise in neurodiversity and emotional intelligence, I optimise the performance and wellbeing of individuals and teams through a brain training lens. The extensive library of neuroscience strategies and frames that I am tertiary trained, is part of the 'toolkit' that coaches and their teams have exclusive access to when we work together.


When you understand how your brain and body operate (unconscious thinking) you are able to harness your fears, strengths, diversity and internal operating system, to reach your fullest potential. A brain coach works with the coach, by equipping the individual players with an elite psychology skillset, to amplify performance and leverage the diversity of the team.




mental agility ~ behavioural flexibility ~ emotional resilience

No program I design with a coach and team are the same. Purpose built around the specific needs, abilities and mindset of the individuals PLUS specific strategies to harness team diversity to optimise performance.

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"Your graphics provided reinforcement for our team to implement accurately which saw results almost immediately. Your ability to capture information and strategies using your creativity has been spoken about highly by our entire team. We were impressed that you incorporated images that our team already use and you designed it specifically around the teams responses inside the training. The way you were able to adjust and adapt on the spot was an incredible experience and inspired our team to adopt this strategy. We thank you for such a valuable experience and we look forward to our next workshop with you." 

Jacob Robertson

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