• Poor performance means the individuals / teams require increase in skill  practice and team training;

  • Athletes are aware of how their mindset impacts performance and how to manage it;

  • Athletes naturally develop a resilient mindset as they mature + increase their experiences;

  • Mindset is adopting new strategies in order to attain results and does not require looking at our existing thinking patterns and behaviours;


  • Performance is 20% skill + 80% mindset;​

  • We operate 98% of the day using the subconscious mind which is using our 'default' thinking;

  • Our existing thinking shapes our performance,   behaviour and experiences in all areas of our lives;

  • Mindset transformation starts with awareness of unresourceful thinking and then replace it with a resourceful strategy;

mindset + leadership coaching

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All behaviour comes from our thinking and interpretation of life. We have assigned meaning to experiences + store in our memory, which forms our thinking system, that influences the meaning we assign to future experiences. This forms our default programming and sits at the subconscious level. 

fact - we operate 98% of the time at the subconscious level and 2% with conscious awareness. This means our actions predominantly come from long term conditioning which is our source of comfort and familiar.

Sustainable high performance for the individual requires re-programming the brain to over-ride biological and neurological wiring, across 3 facilitation practices;
(i) awareness of existing programming;

(ii) replacing with strategies that align with the goal;

(iii) ongoing support and reinforcement with application of the neural wiring;

Sustainable high performance for a team, requires the individual training mentioned above AND requires team training together to develop a mindset as a collective in order to perform well as a team.

Sustainable high performance for an organisation requires team and individual mindset training mentioned above AND part of the organisation's culture where all teams have mindset training that is facilitated with consistency, where it becomes an organisational performance mindset and forms part of the club's reputation.

The belief system + mindset conditioning of each individual player, is where the inability to perform consistently on the field, resides. Working one-one AND with the team as a group, is essential for aligning mental and physical agility.

When I begin working with any team, 9 times out of 10 the leader will tell me that the team trains hard, they are skilled + talented individuals, dedicated, show up consistently and doing all the right things at training
HOWEVER they are not converting this into results on the field, consistently.

The mis-match of mindset and ability is one of the most challenging components in elite team sport.


Mindset operates at the subconscious level and requires working with a skilled professional to intentionally explore thinking within each individual and then as a team.


A skilled mindset coach will unpack the source of the internal dialogue/operating system within each player personally + then support the re-programming of their mindset as a player, including a shift in their beliefs, value & standards to grow through hardship.

I have redesigned an NLP Communication Model that will bring conscious awareness to players in 1 session where we unpack the model and empower them for life ! ! !


The infographic below is one of my mindset tools i have named


when working with performance teams,  i use this tool to connect individuals to unpack their behaviour and their thinking. understanding the law of duality and mapping flow/energy in games, has been really empowering to make real change in thinking. 

I unpack this with clients during our initial meeting to explain why &  how the  'parallel' process results in cohesive growth for high performance sporting teams and organisations.

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"Your graphics are brilliant and provided reinforcement for our team to implement consistently which saw results almost immediately. Your ability to capture  information and strategies using your creativity has been spoken about highly by our entire team. We were impressed that you incorporated images that our team shared with you + you designed it specifically around the teams thinking. The way you were able to design and adjust on the spot was an incredible experience and inspired our HR team to adopt this as a strategy, as you suggested, to use with the onboarding process + ongoing training. We thank you for such a valuable and memorable experience and we look forward to our next workshop with you." 

Jacob Alberts

parallel programming, or dual programming, supports the growth of the individual and the team, for achieving ongoing sustainable high performance. 


I am highly experienced + competent in implementing parallel programs to groups of 30-40 people that address each individuals' needs.

players need simple strategies they can recall under stress. 

 my 20+ years experience of designing personalised programs & extensive knowledge of learning & the brain, enables me to create extensive programs.


the brain operates very differently under stress.  

my recovery journey + experiences from my brain injury + along with living with ptsd, gifted me the exceptional ability discover successful strategies to override thinking, decode/identify behaviour + the thinking behind it. I can recognise it effectively in others and adjust accordingly to get results.



mental agility, behavioural flexibility & emotional resilience

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"the asset of any team, is the pLayers' individual mindset.

coLLaborative high achievement is directly impacted by individual mental agility + behavioural flexibility.

I believe a mindset coach is the guardian of this asset.

where players' mental health is nurtured, energised & supported for performance, growth + recovery, in order to reach their full potential.
i believe it drives cuLture + collaborative achievement." 

Rachel Mac

"having a person who is focussed on your goals and success, challenges you to see the extraordinary in you, is a valuable investment. You go from driving with the hand break on... to releasing the break and enjoying the journey with confidence."

Rachel Mac