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Find Your Why

Turning 40 last year has definitely made me review life and reflect on my accomplishments as well as purpose. I have found Simon Sinek a wonderful mentor to drive my pursuit of 'purpose' and finding my 'why'. I encourage all of you to take a look at his website and grab his book "start with why" and have a read during your down time or holidays. His thought provoking attitude to life and his questioning of 'why' in general really shakes up your own ideas of life and gave me a better perspective on life itself.

I now want my children and students to actively pursue their own 'why' and the most powerful thing I learnt was 'what is your relationship with failure'. This has changed my life for the better and equipped me with the ability to empower those around me in my life.

Understanding my 'why' which I call my 'vision' is one part of the process, that I evaluate each year around new years day (usually that week). Sounds odd but I really love this time and process. It's reflection, talking it over with my family members (yes I even have my children do it).

I share this process step by step in the Ultimate Mentorship Program which you can find here:

"Why" in the classroom is an extraordinary word that can take you to amazing places in conversations, learning and when seeking to understand someone.

Behind every behaviour, be it resourceful or not, is a 'why'. Students don't react or respond using unresourceful behaviour, without a 'why'. This has been the key to how I manage behaviour in the classroom and strategies I have developed to build rapport.

Reasons for pursuing specific goals and dreams, require a 'why' or you lose motivation quickly. If your 'why is big enough, you will find a way', however the saying goes! But you get the idea!

Asking 'why do you think / feel ....' in a learning environment can encourage perspective, explanation, deeper thoughts and regulate emotion. Inquiry learning is an incredibly powerful learning strategy used in the classroom, where 'why' is pivotal.

WHY is a powerful and empowering word to incorporate into your classroom!

My long term advice, stay curious with 'why'...

Rachel xox


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