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100% pure inspiration... teaching activity

I LOVE animals and in particular I love BOXER DOGS.... this incredible video popped up into my news feed on Facebook from Animal Plant.... a gorgeous puppy named Duncan.

This video made me cry and smile and laugh all at the one time. I shared it with my children and we now watch this any time the kids need some motivation and to teach them that everyone (including animals) have their own battles to beat daily...

I often use this video with students in classrooms and they love it! I use it as a teaching activity for example, an individual reflective piece of writing, group or whole class oral discussion, mindmap/infographic group response or as the basis for a debate.

I hope Duncan's story can be used in your classroom and bring your students joy and inspiration!

Note: 1.make sure you warn the students that this little puppy was born different to other puppies 2. Watch yourself prior to showing your students to ensure age appropriate 3. Seek parental permission should you feel it necessary for any video or presentation you show your class.



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