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In order to enhance overall team performance, particularly in high performance sports teams, mastering key concepts of performance psychology is imperative.

  • mental toughness;

  • visualisation;

  • self talk + mindset;

  • goal setting;

  • stress management;

We refer to the performance psychology as PERFORMANCE DNA and it covers these 10 elements:

  • identity, self awareness, connection;

  • managing adversity;

  • emotion management;

  • energy management;

  • relationship with fear + growth strategy;

  • internal drivers;

  • attribute development - focus, discipline, coachability, adaptability, self leadership, ;

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"We were stunned at how accurate Rachel's statements were about the team, how we think and why we did the things we did.




  • the only profile assessment that measures individuals current mindset development;

  • 97% of people are a combination of 2 or more profiles;

  • incorporates behaviour, thinking, learning styles, frustrations, energetic and personality profiling;

  • takes less than 15 minutes to complete online, with data available to Rachel within 24 hrs;

  • identifies the unconscious patterns in individuals and as a team;


  • identify personality types, connection styles, change resistance and personal drive;

  • clarity of performance under stress, including decision making and pivoting with success;

  • identify learning styles to accelerate growth and development;

  • insights into their ability to mange emotional responses, reason and influence on a team;

  • identify how individuals connect, what they value and their expression style;

  • identifies areas that challenge them, to have awareness on how performance can be hijacked;

  • based on researched methodologies of over 120 years;

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NRL brain coach Rachel Mac (1).png
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Our neurology is unique as our fingerprint. 


Specialising in the performance areas around inconsistent performance and educating leaders how to harness the diversity of the team they are leading, please select from the areas below that is impeding performance success.
NRL brain coach Rachel Mac (2).png
mental agility coaching Rachel Mac - NRL.png
Some services have waiting lists due to the current demand and bookings. Rachel has re-opened her VIP Leadership Group for those seeking to access Rachel throughout the year with access to reserved availability to her services, including private consultations and team trainings.

The 360' Team Profiling Tool is a powerhouse of data that will transform leadership, coaching and team performance.

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All performance is directly influenced by our mind. When you learn to harness your mind, you discover what you are really capable of achieving.
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