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"when you understand mental agility & how your brain + body communicate... you become unstoppable." 
Rachel Mac

I am an educator with over 22 years experience in learning + development. 14 of those years were focused on special needs education where I mastered the ability to design programs for groups that also tailored to individual learning needs. The last 7 years were dedicated to leadership and professional development. I am super passionate about personal growth, mental agility and building cultures within organisations that are purpose built to transition their people into reaching their full potential.

Over the last 6 years, I have been immersed in researching and studying the brain, mental agility, Neurolinguistics Programming, Meta-Dynamics, neurodiversity, Mindset, brain plasticity, behaviour psychology, resetting the brain and many researched based theories & mythodological frameworks, due to a traumatic event that left me and 2 of my children with residual brain injuries. This journey has taught me so much and made me who I am today... to the point that I am now grateful for the event! 

My Story...

"my brain injury flipped my life upside down,
now I see it needed to be, in order for to discover my purpose."

Rachel Mac


I LOVE teaching. I love learning. I am passionate about empowering others + guiding them on a personal journey to unlock their potential.

I was born to teach, it is my purpose and I could do it all day long without getting paid. I remember in my first year thinking... ''I can't believe I get paid to do this every day." I thought I hit jack pot :) I got to school super early and left late. I loved every moment. I would spend the holidays and weekends preparing the classroom for things like an under water adventure for the next 'Environmental' unit. My boss FREAKED when he found my windows painted blue and saw my room had transformed to 'under the sea' complete with netting on the ceiling and sea creatures hanging everywhere :) Looking back, I can see I was wanting to attend to all the learns needs and provide an 'experience' that was more like a journey of learning. I discovered the power of "creating the learning environment" where I would intentionally incorporate all the senses into my lessons, which resulted in higher student engagement and less disruptive behaviour. I share more in my CREATE CLASSROOM CULTURE program that you can access here.

In 2016, I found myself battling a brain injury with 2 of my children. It was sudden and traumatic, stripping all of what I knew about myself.


Teaching enabled me to discover my super power, which is to educate groups of people regardless of age, ability or capacity, in the same room. I light up when individuals are not being able to connect to the learning, and instinctively tap into this inner ability to deliver the learning differently that aligns with them. I learnt that I brought a process that included validation, connection and playfulness to the situation (which I now know through my research, is a formula for memory retention and our brain filtering system) what I termed my 'quirkiness', and my students called 'silliness', to scaffold the learning to build the connection to learning.

Later in my teaching career, I became a literacy specialist, supporting students with learning difficulties to 'catch up' to their peers with intensive 6 months program I designed which included training parents and staff, to obtain these results. This was the beginning of my curiosity with the brain and learning.

Not too long ago, I found out that my 'quirkiness' was undiagnosed ADHD which is my super power... bringing energy to learning and empower those around me, to see the potential in front of them.

plans in 2022 ...

"our number 1 asset is our mentaL fitness.
when an individual has the tooLs to navigate failure, stress +  behavioural flexibility...
 they are able to unLeash their greatness.
SuccessfuL cultures ARE purpose built with this intention & RESULT in HIGH ACHIEVEMENT."
Rachel Mac

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