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Team Cohesion

The most difficult challenge when working with teams, is developing cohesion that results in collaborative sustainable success. Within teams and organisations, results are highly dependent on individual performance, thinking and learning preferences which are reliant on the mind, both the conscious and unconscious. Being a learning expert and brain coach, I identify individuals thinking strategies and behavioural patterns to understand the mind behind the person and predict players thinking with precision in order to effectively support the coach, to effectively shape the team and get results. 


Team Cohesion is traditionally thought to require "time" in order to form relationships and allow for partnerships and connections for form.

  • Billy Slater in his first year of coaching the QLD Maroons,

  • Ronald Griffiths in his first year of coaching the Indigenous All Stars and Newcastle NRLW, and

  • Wayne Bennet coaching stats across various clubs,

have all proven that team cohesion can be achieved in short time frames.


In my research into around these incredible coaches, they each value the  'psychological connection' and have utilised their role as coach, to facilitate opportunities and form structures, that foster team cohesion.

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Investing in a mental performance coach who is accessible to your entire team and staff, will be one of the most valuable decisions a leader can make, in 2023.  

Having a dedicated specialist who provides personalised mind training that transforms the internal patterns and belief systems of individuals, is vital for team cohesion.

This accelerates performance habits and attributes, connecting individuals mentally, which delivers cohesive consistent performances.

An agility coach is the guardian of the team's mentality.

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