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train your brain for performance,
empower yourself for life...

enhancing the performance
of individuals, teams + organisations

Rachel Mac is a mental performance coach and behavioural analyst, who provides assessments, mentoring and training on the psychology behind high performance. As a high performance strategist, she trains and equips leaders and teams, with the skills, knowledge and tools to expedite mental agility and transform performance.

With over 20 years experience in education and training, behavioural analysis and neuroplasticity, along with her own remarkable brain injury recovery, makes her uniquely qualified and a valuable asset to any leader or team, wanting to unlock and harness the full potential of their people.

Mindset Tools + Mental Agility

Injury Recovery

Unlock Potential

Harness Fear

Relationship with Failure

Regain / Build Self Confidence

Expedite Growth + Development

Identify Dynamics + Attributes

Harness Individuality

Accelerate Connection

Team Cohesion

Disrupt Performance Hijacking

Behavioural Awareness

Amplify Performance

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Cultivate Psychological Safety

Develop Agile Mindsets

Connected to Core Drivers

Ignite a Legacy Culture

Behavioural Flexibility

Leadership Training + Programs

Activate Thriving Environments

When you understand a person's internal operating system, you can lead them beyond what they believed they were capable of and achieve more than they dreamed possible . . .

Equip leaders and teams with this skills, knowledge and tools to understand people, and you
transform team performance.

 We can not predict the future, HOWEVER those who equip themselves with agile neurological tools, have a significantly higher rates of success, than those who do not, when navigating the challenges that come with high performance and pursuing achievement. Taking a preventative approach is behind legacy success in teams like Melbourne Storm and the All Blacks.

Performance is 20% physical (what we see) and 80% mental (what we can't see).


As a behaviour analyst and mental agility coach, Rachel Mac is equipped with the neuroscience tools and strategies to address, train and manage the psychology behind performance, to protect team cohesion and prevent hijacked.

Having a preventative approach is not just smart.... it's pivotal for those in the field of high performance. 

It can mean the difference between achieving sustainable success (team or individual) and the individual's ability to manage their thinking (conscious and unconscious) to remain in performance mode. Without the expertise of a mindset or brain coach, you leave performance open to  the 80% where decision making will not be accurate.

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Performance Assessment Tools + Team Cohesion



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Leading a team is understanding many moving parts including team dynamics, cognitive diversity and the individual internal operating systems (IOS).

Successful leadership requires a deep understanding of people, individuals' skillset and their thinking which makes leading any team, very challenging regardless of the environment or industry. 

Without a doubt, the most difficult element of leading a team, is

  • assessing current behaviours and thinking of individuals, with a high accuracy;

  • deep connections across the team that result in cohesive performances;

  • advanced knowledge and understanding of each individual within the team;

  • communication and language that lands for each individual effectively;


This requires an advanced knowledge of human psychology, vast experience in neuroscience and behavioural psychology, taking years to master.

Rachel Mac will equip professionals who lead a team, with:

  1. effective neurological training, tools and strategies;

  2. decode behaviour and thinking of individuals during performance;

  3. expedite connection, rapport + form cohesive teams;

  4. harness team diversity to maximise connection, trust + performance;

  5. access accurate data for effective decision making + leadership;

expedite results when working and leading teams.

Rachel's Credentials
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No one has said it better than Albert Einstein...

"We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

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