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Performance is like an iceberg. It's the 80% that is unknown, directly impacts performance. In order to improve above the surface, you need to understand under the surface.
Rachel Mac

every performance issue  is one of mindset 

Every individual's thinking affects team performance.

Our thinking is made up of conscious and unconscious programming.

Our unconscious thinking is the default programming which was formed and inherited during childhood and drives behaviour.


The brain is a meaning making machine using association and patterns to interpret experiences and link to emotions.


Our brain's primary function is to seek out potential risks, using our unconscious system, to trigger physiological reactions. 

This is an unconscious domino effect that overrides our reactions, and hijacks performance, without our awareness.

 This is the source of performance issues and almost always comes from unconscious beliefs and neural patterns.


Humans are not self equipped to analyse our own unconscious thinking, particularly in our default mode. It is however a skill we can develop with intense awareness training and implement with an experienced facilitator to accelerate the application of new skills.



Our neurology directly impacts performance. When it detects a potential emotional or physical risk, it hijacks our body chemically, neurologically and biologically to disrupt our ability to think without us even knowing.
This is why people can not explain their behaviour during inconsistent or poor performances.

Once you begin to decode your neurological wiring and internal operating system, you will be able to train your brain for a performance mindset that takes your success to a level you never knew existed.
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"What's in the way is the way!"

Subconsciously, we develop a belief system about the world and ourselves, which we inherit in childhood and often form as a coping strategy due to our experiences.

We carry these through life subconsciously and when we choose to pursue our dreams,  push ourselves to reach our goals and seek to grow, we will come up against 'road blocks' that prevent us progressing or achieving.


We impede our own journey without understanding why or know how to overcome it.

As a  brain coach, I work with individuals and teams to understand their behaviour and the thinking behind it, to navigate and overcome; fear, road blocks and self doubt.

My 20+ years as a teacher enables me to expedite learning with individuals and groups to achieve remarkable results, be equipped for upcoming challenges and mentally coach themselves through potential blocks during performance.

"We only know... what we know. This is where you find the issue and resolution."

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