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Every performance issue will be one of mindset, which, like an iceberg, 80% is not visible, until you become aware. 
Rachel Mac

the most valuable asset is the mindset of your team

I assist organisations and individuals to reprogram their mindset to build resilience, harness their pain and achieve their fullest potential, through transformative mindset coaching + leadership development programs.

The 5 focus areas are must addressed at the individual level and group level for teamwork:

  • understand fear

  • mental agility

  • emotional resilience

  • behavioural flexibility

  • empowered thinking

Our behaviour is driven by our thinking and the 'meaning' that we gave it years ago.


The brain, by design has two primary jobs: (i) maximise efficiency; and (ii) keep us alive;

We are neurobiologically wired to detect any potential risk and will disrupt our thinking and actions unconsciously. Potential risks are detected by our sensory system and each person's brain identifies these differently due to our conditioning and experiences in life, however the body's reactions are similar. This is where mindset coaching is particularly empowering for those operating at high performance.


Behaviours, patterns + thinking, are the data necessary to identify 'where' the mindset issue is occurring and which techniques will get the most effective results to each individual.


Having re-built my brain for the last 6 years, I gained extraordinary insights about the physical, emotional and mental experiences required to re-program the brain, that go beyond research and science.


I empower others through sharing my insights that fast track the journey for those seeking to implement effective mindset strategies to over come adversity.

our brain's wiring directly impacts performance. if it detects potential emotional or physical risk, it chemically, neurologically and biologically disrupts our ability to think + take action, 
despite rigorous skill training + intensive preparation.

every performance issue in an organisation, is one of mindset 

Every individual's thinking capacity affects team performance. Our mindset and mental agility is deeply conditioned in us throughout our childhood, forming our brain's 'default' programming. Each time our body detects a potential risk, by its own meaning, our default programming will override + dominant our physical response, without conscious awareness.

Our brain's respond by chemically, neurologically and biologically, disrupting our capacity think and behave. This is the source of performance issues and almost always comes from fear-based unconscious thoughts.


Humans are not equipped to analyse our unconscious thinking and behaviour. It is a skill we can develop with intense awareness training + implementation work with an experienced mindset coach.


Once you understand your triggers and teach your brain 'alternative' responses to access when exposed to stress, you will develop a performance mindset and see the results for themselves.

Performance is like an iceberg, 20% skill
(visible) and 
80% mindset 

The 'unseen' is our mindset, which is made up of conditioning, thinking strategies, values, beliefs, boundaries, experiences, standards, expectations and the meaning we make.

These dominate our interpretations and reactions to life with little conscious awareness, until we understand our behaviour and the thinking behind it.

Esports Team


Is your team's behaviour inconsistent, out of character, erratic, impulsive, unsettled, hesitant, incoherent, disjointed, without a clear reason why?

Do the players appear confused, rushed, lost, make poor decisions, seem to have forgotten skills, not sticking to game plan, error stacking or conceding considerable points.

This means you have a cognitive mindset issue that can be corrected.
Let me explain what's going on.

humour, humility and empathy...

is how i got through a brain injury and rebuilt my brain.

the last 5 years has been life changing + showed me how my brain operates +how to re-wire it, to access my full potential.




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"We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

My role as a mindset and performance coach, is to bring awareness and consciously develop 5 parts to a resilient mindset:

  • understand fear;

  • resourceful thinking;

  • emotional resilience;

  • mental agility;

  • behavioural flexibility;

This is achieved through transformative mindset coaching sessions, where I:

  • explore + unpack existing mindset;

  • replace with strategies aligned to the desired outcomes;

  • implement intensive re-wiring techniques to fast track mindset growth;

  • one-on-one coaching for individual growth + development;

  • group/team coaching for collaborative performance development;

  • merge mindset development with existing culture for ongoing education that is filtered a legacy of performance through the organisation;

As a mindset coach who has navigated a brain injury, I have a very unique perspective and skillset in my coaching that gets results for those I work with. I support people to understand their incredible mind, bring awareness to the boundaries of their thinking by facilitating a transformative journey. We explore the strategies for 'emotional resilience' and 'resourceful thinking' to consciously access choices to respond rather than react, in challenging moments. I reflect and ignite the "unseen" parts, of the iceberg, that the individual can't see in order to reinforce their focus and maintain progress. I design and create personalised strategies to drive individual growth. I simplify the complexity of neuroscience + positive psychology into 'bite size' chunks to maximise learning and increase memory recall during times of high performance and stress.


The science and research is telling us, and I lived it, that we can shape our minds to over come the road blocks or limitations that we face, through specific strategies that aligns with our brains. It really is a choice.

"What you focus on grows. Choose consciously."

Rachel Mac 

Subconsciously, we develop a belief system about the world & ourselves, often as a coping strategy + without questioning the resourcefulness.

We carry these through life subconsciously + when we choose to pursue growth, our dreams,  + push ourselves to reach our goals, we come up against 'road blocks' that stop us progressing.


we impede our own journey without understanding why or know how to overcome it.

as a  mindset coach, I work with individuals + organisations to understand behaviour and mindset + how to apply highly effective strategies + frameworks to navigate + overcome; fear, road blocks &  self doubt.

we explore growth mindset tools + personalise learning frameworks to align with the individual or group to achieve the desired outcome, be prepared for upcoming challenges & perform to their full capacity.


you are your number 1 asset.
mental agility +  emotional resilient are your key to self-confidence where everything becomes an  opportunity that reinforces your journey.

"We only know... what we know. This is where you find the issue and resolution."

performance-coach-Rachel-MAC (1).png

Unlock your limiting beliefs and Reach Your Full Potential




My business grew quickly last year and I wanted to set up a great culture so that I had a team that were passionate + skilled in sales. A friend recommended Rachel and it has been such an enjoyable journey building the culture using her framework. I use this framework with coaching my son's football team. It has been brilliant. If you aren't sure where to start, like I was, I highly recommend speaking to Rachel. The tools she teaches you reduces stress + creates cohesion across your business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel to any business owner.


I knew something needed changing as I have suffered low self esteem for most of my life. I was bullied at school and not able to have trusting relationships with other females. Rachel showed me the 'people pleasing' I was doing and how it was coming from my wanting to 'belong' and 'connect'. It was like she knew my brain and how I was feeling, then presented an alternative option to define self confidence. Rachel explained boundaries in a way I hadn't heard before and it made so much sense. Her knowledge of our brains, thinking and behaviour is incredible and I wish I had found her earlier. 


I have always struggle to find people that were a good fit for my business. Rachel offered me a complimentary audit to identify what was the issue. I hired her for 3 months of coaching where she built my employee onboarding process and training system. This included interview process, to identify the qualities I was after. I had no idea that having standards and expectations would help attract the right people for my business.  Her insights into people are extraordinary. Rachel is now re-creating my business structure to include culture and processes for the next 6 months.


I met Rachel through my business partner and she coached us both on leadership and mindset. I avoid conflict and this impacted my confidence and ability to lead the people in our team. Long story short, Rachel helped me to find the 'why'  behind this reaction to dealing with conflict and the thinking I had formed. She taught me about language and using questions to navigate potential conflict with confidence. I learnt to be assertive using the values that I attached to leadership, to handle conflict in a way that felt good. It has been one of the most important moments of growth in my career. We are consulting with Rachel to construct our leadership development program, as part of our business culture. 


This is the most profound quote that shaped my thinking many moons ago and I love sharing it with people.
"When it feels like we are getting buried under the drama of life. What if we were actually being planted ?"

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