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A cohesive team is connected at their core.
 Rachel Mac

your teams most valuable is their mindset

There are literally thousands of books, podcasts, programs, research papers and studies published about "team cohesion" and "high performance success"... 

I was blown away at how little there was around "poor performance" and "losing".

This is when I embarked on my own mission to understand losing and brains, in the context of team sports and leadership.

In my 20+ years of managing learning environments and working with groups of people of all ages, I can tell you that there is no blueprint when trying to form a cohesive team cohesion.

What I have discovered when training and facilitating programs, is that there must be specific elements built into the culture surrounding the group, that provide an environment, set of structures, implementation strategies and behavioural psychological that aligns the group.


Essentially, it's the why, what, how, when and who for achieving the vision.


This is what I refer to as a "Cultural Audit" and it is a phenomenal tool for designing culture, identifying the gaps in performance and forming a climate where groups of people can collaboratively achieve.

A Harvard University study looked at the most successful people across every industry and found that less than 10% were successful based on natural talent.

humility, humour and empathy...

is how i got through a brain injury and rebuilt my mind.

the experience was life changing which took me from the dark... to light once I learnt to use my brain effectively, rather than let it run me. 

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My role as a brain + behaviour coach, is to further develop people's understanding of how they operate and bring awareness to thinking behind their behaviour. Most people are not aware that the brain is like a computer and our mind is the software uploaded on the computer.

Performance is 80% the mind.

Culture is the biggest influence on organisational or team mindset.

9 out of 10 cultures do not address or support the psychological components that form an agile mindset. 

Without neurobiological methodologies seeded through the structures of culture, performance relies on the 20%. Leaving the results open to the 80% of the unknowns.

When an individual learns the boundaries of their thinking, it transforms their leadership and has a powerful ripple effect to those they lead. Implementing this within a team is setting, is absolute gold and why I am so passionate about what I do.

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FACT...  our brain will unconsciously activate negative talk, reduce oxygen to the brain,
to disrupt performance and thinking, if our mind detects a threat or fear.


Subconsciously, we develop a belief system about the world & ourselves, often as a coping strategy + without questioning the resourcefulness.

We carry these through life unconsciously + when we choose to pursue growth, our dreams,  + push ourselves to reach our goals, this is when our existing thinking shows up  + works against us.

It can show up as or  appear as: 

poor performance

lack of belief / loss of confidence 

comparing self to others

dislike of change

over confident (masking)

Misalignment of words + actions

Self Sabotage

prolonged injury recovery 

deflecting with humour (detachment)

change in personality or attitude

lack of consistency

negative attitude

avoidance + excuses


we impede our own journey without understanding why as a protection strategy without knowing how to change it.

as a  mindset coach, I work with individuals + teams to understand behaviour and mindset + how to apply highly effective strategies + frameworks to navigate + overcome fear, road blocks &  self doubt.

we explore growth mindset tools + personalise learning frameworks to align with the individual or group to achieve the desired outcome, be prepared for upcoming challenges & perform to their full capacity.


 mental agility +  emotional resilient are your key to self-confidence where everything becomes an  
opportunity that reinforces your journey.

"we only know... what we know."


Reach Your Full Potential



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