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I assist people and organisations to flourish and achieve their fullest potential by developing mental agility, emotional fitness and behavioural flexibility through transformative mindset coaching.

 Rachel Mac

your teams mindset is the most valuable asset
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I help people to develop their mindset to achieve sustainable results in high performance organisations, using mind conditioning training, mindset tools,  leadership thinking strategies that aligned with their culture + vision. Each program is purpose built to meet the needs of the team or individual, including researched and evidence based methodologies and frameworks, neuroscience + positive psychology. I bring 20+ years teaching experience, my training in numerous areas of behavioural psychology and neuroscience, plus my personal journey with recovering from a brain injury which includes re-wiring my brain, for the last 5 years. 

why i am grateful for my brain injury 

i discovered the incredible capacity of the brain &

how my existing thinking
was hindered my recovery journey.

From the day we are born, our brains are constantly collecting information from our environment, using all our senses, emotions and nervous system, to build our understanding of the world. Research tells us that there are over 2 million pieces of information each day that our brain filters down to 5K - 7K pieces. To cope with this extraordinary amount of data, our brain filters and collects information according to our personal value and belief system. If you can imagine a filing cabinet with each filter having a label. We developed our filters from the people in our childhood (family, friends and teachers), social and emotional experiences, schooling and our family, in order to be loved, connected, accepted and valued. This filter system affects our mindset development.

Eventually we find ourselves facing a very difficult challenge or experience that comes with emotion turmoil and derails our performance, dreams or life. Mentally and emotionally, the disruption spreads across different areas of life and we find ourselves perhaps stuck in fear, loss of self belief, isolated despite being around people or feeling lost. We can find ourselves unable to move past these emotions of fear, grief, shame, anger, loneliness, disappointment, frustration, depression, embarrassment etc... keeping us stuck, unable to focus, achieve or progress.

"What's in the way...  is the way."   

Rachel Mac

This is when I will be engaged by an individual or organisation, to work with team members to reinforce the pathway from here, point A, to where they want to be, point B. The mantra above is re-wiring tool that effectively supports people to embrace the problem in front of them in order to make progress. This is to over-ride our brain's programming to the problem which is normally fear.

What most people don't know (and I certainly didn't before my brain injury) is that our brain has pre-programmed responses to emotions that we experience on a subconsciously level, and dictate our physical response as well as our thinking and self talk. Meaning, in times of stress or high emotion, when we are trying to make decisions and push ourselves to achieve, our mind will detect possible failure as a threat, and shut down our ability to think, causing us to make more mistakes. 

It was through my research around brain injury that I had my AHH moment... my brain and its programming was the issue and the solution. 


i help people get clarity around how their brain operates + empower them to develop a resilient mindset. 

When a client makes this shift and discovers that they can choose the filters their minds use to form meaning from moments in our life, they now see experiences as opportunities to grow 
mental agility and emotional resilience.

My role as a mindset and performance coach, is to listen to individuals and map a flexible pathway that leads to their WIG (wildly important goal). I create a safe and confidential space, so we can have profound conversations to unpack the issues, decide the way forward and assist them using highly effective researched methodologies and neurodiversity tools, to empower them towards their WIG.

As a mindset coach or brain coach, I support people to understand their incredible mind, bring awareness to the boundaries of their thinking by facilitating a transformative journey. We explore the strategies for 'emotional resilience' and 'resourceful thinking' to consciously access choices to respond rather than react in challenging moments. I reflect and mirror their true potential to be the consistent light on their WIG and reinforce their focus to maintain progress. I design and create personalised thinking strategies to reinforce individual growth. I simplify the complexity of neuroscience + positive psychology into small chunks to maximise learning and increase memory recall during times of high performance and stress.

rachel mac coach (13).png

Subconsciously, we develop a belief system about the world & ourselves, often as a coping strategy + without questioning the resourcefulness.

We carry these through life subconsciously + when we choose to pursue growth, our dreams,  + push ourselves to reach our goals, this is when our existing mindset shows up  + works against us.

It can show up as or  appear as: 

lack of belief / loss of confidence 

comparing self to others

inability to see own potential

appear over confident (masking)

Misalignment of words + actions

Self Sabotage

prolonged injury recovery 

deflecting with humour

change in personality  or attitude

disconnection / 'checked out'

change in consistency or commitment

negative attitude or negative self talk


we impede our own journey without understanding why or know

how to overcome it.

as a  mindset coach, I work with individuals + organisations to understand behaviour and mindset + how to apply highly effective strategies + frameworks to navigate + overcome; fear, road blocks &  self doubt.

we explore growth mindset tools + personalise learning frameworks to align with the individual or group to achieve the desired outcome, be prepared for upcoming challenges & perform to their full capacity.


you are your number 1 asset. mental agility +  emotional resilient are your key to self-confidence where everything becomes an  

"we only know... what we know."

Unsure about where to start... neither was I.

This mantra flipped my thinking and navigating a brain injury took me on a journey of unlearning and learning.

Trying to learn in order to recover, under the conditions of severe stress from PTSD and low memory retention was my experience of impossible. I had researched + studied brain injury recovery for thousands of hours over the years, in spite of my inability to retain learning. The complexity of theories and intricate details in techniques were overwhelming to say the least. It was too complex to put into practice, at that time. I took a creative approach, which came from my experiences in working with individuals with learning difficulties, and spent hours repetitively reading and learning, to then adapt and modify the information into visual infographics for easy absorption to re-wire my brain and maximise memory retention. 

When you understand how your mind + body communicate, you can harness your mind + empower yourself.
If you learn to decode your behaviour, you can re-train your brain to achieve far more than you ever thought possible. Understanding the capacity of your mind opens up a whole new world of strength that you can tap into to achieve. In a team capacity, you understand your team mates with accuracy and read situations with more accuracy, to be able to make effective decisions under stress that result in success.

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Reach Your Full Potential



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