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now that we know more & more about the capabilities of the brain; how it uses our nervous system to interpret our environment, dominate our belief + values system through which we filter information, attach  meaning + feelings to events, which drives thoughts, feelings, emotions & behaviour in our day to day life.

Behavioural flexibility, Emotional fitness + Mental agility
are the areas i focus on when coaching mindset + leadership. 

understanding yourself, gifts you the understanding of others which increases your ability to be an effective leader in your professional and personal life.


my role as a mindset + performance coach, is to support individuals to understand the power of their mind, bring awareness to the existing boundaries of their thinking, coach them with transformative techniques, to unlock their potential + build confidence.

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Working in collaboration at the elite level is careful management of people, environment, purpose & many other moving parts.  My approach to performance coaching addresses individual's growth and the team's performance (what I call parallel programming)

to deliver extraordinary results.

"We only know... what we know.

We are only limited by our thinking."


Rachel Mac

We are all born with uniqueness that becomes buried inside due to the conditioning + experiences of life.

Subconsciously we develop a belief system about the world & ourselves, often as a coping strategy + without questioning the resourcefulness.

We are born with 3 fears and develop the rest ourselves. Fear drives our beliefs system as we are wired to repel... fear.

We carry these through life subconsciously + when we choose to pursue growth, our dreams,  + push ourselves to reach our goals, this is when our existing mindset shows up  + works against us.

It can show up as or  appear as: 

lack of belief / loss of confidence 

comparing self to others

inability to see own potential

over confident

Misalignment of words + actions

Self Sabotage

prolonged injury recovery

deflecting with humour

change in personality  or attitude

disconnection / 'checked out'

change in consistency or commitment

negative attitude or negative self talk


we impede our own journey without understanding why + how to overcome this.

as a  mindset coach, I work with individuals + organisations to understand behaviour and mindset + how to apply highly effective strategies + frameworks to navigate + overcome; fear, road blocks &  self doubt.

Essentially, my role is to challenge + educate people's growth mindset strategies,  for achieving results consistently & perform to their full capacity.

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"what's in the way... is the way"

Unsure about where to start... neither was I.

This mantra lit the pathway for my brain injury recovery.
This strategy was simple + extremely powerful for recovering under the conditions of severe stress from cPTSD.
I had researched + studied brain injury recovery for thousands of hours over the years. The complexity of theories and intricate details in techniques were over whelming to say the least. It was too complex to put into practice.
Using my teacher thinking... I adapted the information + designed it for absorption. 
When you understand how your mind + body communicate, you can harness your mind + empower yourself.
If you learn to decode your behaviour, you can re-train your brain to achieve far more than you ever thought possible.

Understanding the capacity of your mind opens up a whole new world of strength that you can tap into to achieve.
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Reach Your Full Potential



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