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work with coaches + athletes using evidence-based tools to create cohesive + agile teams.

My area of expertise is equipping people with mental performance tools based on their current mindset development and internal battles that arise when competing in high stress environments and results based industries.
I work with neurological diverse models and frames that shift behaviour on the field and make deep lasting change off the field.

With over 20+ years teaching experience and tertiary training in over 32 neurological and physiological models, I facilitate and tailor quality trainings that bridge the conscious and unconscious gaps that individuals and teams are experiencing on the field and off the field.

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Performing at elite levels is stressful and research tells us that there are human behaviours + brain patterns  provide key insights to achieve success amongst stress. We are each conditioned by the boundaries of our thinking which innately drive our mindset + impacts our ability to build resilience + have self confidence.
This is the power of having a coach trained in NLP + Meta Dynamics™

Growth is equal parts awareness, reflection & implementing effective strategies.
As humans, we rarely have the insights to shape mindset on our own.  Just like building your muscle strength, it requires a skilled professional to accelerate the transformation.

We each have existing patterns that are unique to each individual which sit in our subconscious and express as reactions (including self talk + perspective) that create difficulties when working collaboratively in groups to achieve success. 

In fact, when we pursue achievement, regardless of talent + skillset, most people will interpret road blocks or challenges as signals to give up due to our poor understanding of the brain + existing limited beliefs.

Working in collaboration at the elite level is careful management of people, environment, purpose & many other moving parts.  This is why my unique approach
incorporates dual programming, to addresses individual's growth and the team's performance to deliver extraordinary results.


Lack of confidence is directly related to low performance + must be addressed, at the individual level as well as the group level, which is why I facilitate with parallel programming.

The results speak for themselves on and off the field."

Rachel Mac

We are all born with uniqueness that becomes buried inside due to the conditioning + experiences in life.

Subconsciously we develop a belief system about the world & ourselves, often as a coping strategy + without questioning the resourcefulness. We are born with 2 fears and develop the rest through attachment.

We carry these through life and when we choose to pursue growth, our dreams,  + push ourselves to reach our goals, this is when our existing strategies show up + work against us.

It can show up as or  appear as: 


lack of belief / loss of confidence 

comparing self to others

inability to see their potential

bullying/dominant behaviour

Misalignment of words + actions

Self Sabotage

prolonged injury recovery

ongoing illness

change in personality  or attitude

disconnection / 'checked out'

change in consistency or commitment

negative attitude or negative self talk



We impede our own journey without understanding why + how to overcome this.

As a  brain coach, I work with individuals + organisations to understand their teams in high performance + which strategies + frameworks will align with individuals to overcome fear, road blocks &  self doubt.

Essentially, my role is to challenge + train people's growth mindset strategies, to assist them to connect with their full potential + consistent achieve & perform to their full capacity.

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"what's in the way... is the way"

When you understand how your mind + body communicate, you harness your mental agility and empower yourself.
When you learn to decode behaviour, you can re-train your brain to achieve more.

Once you understand the capacity of your mind, a whole new world of thinking becomes accessible.
With the right tools, you can step into your greatness...
what ever that looks like for you!

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Reach Your Full Potential



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