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This is a confidential questionnaire for women who suffer from low self esteem or self confidence.

Firstly..... a BIG thank you to you.

Firstly, I just want to say "thank you" for taking the time to complete this questionnaire & be vulnerable with me! It requires a kind heart, time & stepping into courage to share your experiences around lacking self confidence. I want you to know that the questionnaire is 100% confidential & I read every response from top to bottom, mostly with tears, so I can continue to understand the impacts to all women. Your responses help me to change the lives of women, just like you, so I really want YOU to know that your voice is helping other women.

This questionnaire has been an extraordinary tool that ensures:

  • I deliver effective content that empowers every woman I meet;

  • meet the needs of as many women as possible so I support women like you;

  • to make real long lasting change to their self confidence; and

  • support women to transform their life and be unapologetically ALL of themselves without shame and with complete freedom;


So thank you for being part of this important work I do !!!

Rachel xox

FACT (4).png

"There is no force equal to the strength of a woman who is determined to rise."


The information you enter into each section will remain confidential and not shared with anyone.
The information will be used to make sure content currently being designed for women exactly like
you, and address self confidence issues that women have or have received during their life.

5. If you were in a program that enabled you to address your self confidence and shift it up to 8 or more out of 10... What would this give you ? Make you feel ? What would be different? (select as many as you like)
6. How important is it to you, to shift your self-confidence and be/do/have those things you listed above in #5, and reach your full potential ? (to put yourself on top of your priority list)
7. Please select from the list below, which of the following would you want in a program, so you would feel safe, supported, connected, inspired + get real results ? (select as many as you like that you feel would best support YOU.)
Thank you for your honesty, your vulnerability and time to fill in this questionnaire. Your responses are going to help ensure I address the issues women have and provide highly effectively long term solutions for women just like you!
You are also being a voice for other women who aren't able to speak up and I want to recognise you for this...

This is not open to the public until mid 2022 however I would like to fun the first program with approximately 20 women as a 'test' run to iron out any hiccups or bumps that I haven't thought about... if you are interested please click the olive green button "checkout my new project" to register your interest !!!

I have an open questionnaire that allows beginning teachers to share in a completely confidential manner, the realities of teaching and the areas they need more support. I have teaching gifts for your time and I read each and every response!

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